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Best Buy spills the beans on Apple TV

by on06 February 2012

$1,499 for 42-inches of iOS goodness

US retail giant Best Buy is apparently trying to gauge demand for a 42-inch smart telly powered by iOS.

A customer survey picked up by The Verge is asking customers whether they would be interested in a 42-inch Apple HDTV that “reinvents what a TV can do,” which is a phrase often used by Apple spinners to justify the obscenely price tag.

And the price tag is nothing short of obscene - $1,499. Best Buy, which for some reason seems to think Bosnia is a Spanish-speaking country, is currently selling a bunch of LED 42-inch TVs with prices starting at just $399, while smart TVs go for $599.

The survey goes on to reveal a few features, but there’s hardly anything that has not already been picked up by tech sites and the rumour mill. The Apple TV is said to feature an LED screen, not IGZO panels as reported earlier, there’s an onboard camera and microphone for video calls and it’s pretty much a standard iOS device. App Store, iCloud and iTunes are on board and users will be able to use their iPhones or iPads as remote controls.

We have to admit that we are sold on the smart TV concept, regardless of OS, but $1,499 sounds a bit steep even for Cupertino. A couple of months back Apple guru Gene Munster said the new Apple TV would cost about twice as much as regular sets with comparable panels sizes, which would have made sense, just barely.

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