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Apple takes product from sale in Germany

by on03 February 2012

Looks like that patent war is going well for you

Jobs Mob, which hoped to get Samsung banned from Germany for daring to use Android, has had to face the humiliation of taking its own products from the shelves.

Jobs Mob hoped to get its rival Android banned for copying the brilliant idea that Steve Jobs had for the phone. Instead following a decision of the District Court of Mannheim, the US group has started taking its older iPhone models, 3G, 3G UMTS and 4 and all models of the iPad from his German online store. The current iPhone model 4S is not affected by the order.

Motorola had accused Apple infringing its mobile patents and it has already had two successes in Mannheim. In December, the US wireless pioneer asked a court judge to stop the sale of iPhones and iPads in Germany. Motorola had a technology patent it out into the field (European Patent No. 1010336 B1), which is the basis of the GPRS wireless data standards.

Apple tried to make the best if it. It sadi that if some iPad and iPhone models are currently not available in our online store in Germany, customers should have no problem finding these devices in our stores or from authorised dealers.
Apple said that Motorola should allow it to use the patent jolly cheap because it is part of a standard.  However it did not think that Motorola should also be allowed to use anything Andriodish which harmed its patents.

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