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Mac gets RAGE

by on03 February 2012

PC version gets patched to 1.2

As was originally promised by id Software, RAGE has been released for Mac. The word from id was that RAGE would not make the release date when the PC and console versions were released, but could still be released later. And later has now arrived for Mac gamers.

The Mac version is called RAGE: Campaign Edition, which includes the entire full single-player game with the additional Wasteland sewer missions and the Anarchy Edition content. You can purchase the Mac version from the Mac App Store, Aspyr Media’s GameAgent, and other digital download outlets, with the exception of Steam. Currently, the Mac version isn’t available on Steam, but might come to Steam for Mac in the future, according to our sources.

As for PC RAGE owners, you should not feel left out; id has released a new version 1.2 upgrade that adds a few things as well as deals with some of the quality issues that have been a blight on the game since its release. It also includes a new Transcode Benchmark that is able to determine how quickly texture data can be translated from a compressed format on your hard drive for use on your video card. We need more time to examine it before we can comment on how relevant the data from this benchmark is for comparison purposes.

It is hard to tell how well the Mac version of RAGE will do and whether Mac fans will be very interested in it, given the fact that it has already been out so long. Still, this does show that more and more triple A titles are being ported to the Mac.

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