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Brits think laptops will be dead soon

by on02 February 2012

Five years tops

A survey in the UK claims that most Brits think that laptops will be obsolete in five years.

Research from a discount website has revealed that 58 per cent of Britons think that laptops will become obsolete in the next five years, with the majority of those thinking that tablet computers will take their place. It would appear that tablet computers are still increasing in popularity, even some staff at Fudzilla have bought them. Although no one has been stupid enough to buy an iPad.

The survey, conducted by, polled a total of 1,967 adults from across the UK in order to try and find out more about Britons’ attitudes towards the ever changing world of technology. Respondents were initially asked if they owned a laptop, to which 69 per cent said that they did. They were then asked if they owned a tablet computer, to which 47 per cent said that they did. The respondents that owned both a laptop and a tablet computer were asked to estimate how often they used their laptop, to which just 36 per cent said they used it ‘every day’. When tablet owners were asked the same question, 62 per cent said that they used their tablet computer ‘every day’.

Those polled were then asked if they thought laptops would become obsolete, to which over half, 58 per cent , thought they would. When asked how long they thought it would be before they became obsolete, 44 per cent of respondents said it would be as soon as ‘within the next five years’. More than 20 per cent said they thought they would become obsolete within 10 years and 16 per cent thought they would be obsolete within 20 years.

Of those that owned a tablet, 17 per cent said they used it to do ‘everything’, whilst the majority, 52per cent said they used it purely for leisure. A smaller percentage said they used it as a coffee tray.

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