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THQ could face delisting from Nasdaq

by on01 February 2012

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Another Midway situation in the making?

THQ is facing the potential wrath of Nasdaq if THQ can’t raise its share price above $1 for 30 consecutive days. With this news, it has led to some asking us if this is another Midway situation in the making; our answer right now is, “No, we don’t think so,” as we believe that THQ has some time to get things under control.

While THQ has made some cuts, it has not made cuts from its primary big studios. This is a good sign that the company does believe that they are going to rebound.

In the meantime, THQ needs a little patience and some luck. We would hate to see THQ chopped up and sold off for its I.P. as Midway was. Let’s hope that this is just another stumbling block for THQ to get over on their way to recovery.

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