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Creative says Asus can't do EAX 3,4 or 5

by on26 March 2008



Driver trickery doesn't work

You may or may not know that Asus has released a driver for its range of Xonar soundcards which the company claims can do EAX 3, 4 and 5, but now it seems like Creative has gone on a counterattack with Phil O'Shaughness, Creative's communications VP stating that this isn't the case.

He has gone on record and said, "The new Asus drivers are falsely reporting EAX 5 capabilities in order to get these games to output 3D audio on Asus sound cards. Asus customers are not getting a genuine EAX Advanced HD experience with this driver update."

So, in other words, Asus is faking support in the Xonar drivers and the sound card produces some kind of pseudo EAX support. Sure, it might be better than nothing, but it looks like false advertising from Asus's side to do this.

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Last modified on 26 March 2008
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