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Microsoft cancels another conference

by on25 January 2012

MIX no longer

Microsoft has axed its web developer-focused MIX conference which it has been running every spring since 2006.

Microsoft developer 'evangelist' Tim O'Brien said that 2011's event was the last because  Redmond was running too  many developer events. Writing in his blog he said that Microsoft would merge MIX, our spring web conference for developers and designers, into our next major developer conference, which we will host sometime in the coming year.

A number of developers  were wondering about MIX, given the time of year, so Microsoft wanted to make sure there's no ambiguity and state clearly there  will be no MIX 2012. According to O'Brien, there are two reasons for the decision to scrap
MIX: "event fatigue" and idea behind the conference was redundant.

Microsoft runs many events, most notably the annual BUILD conference, but also smaller and more local gatherings. Redmond seems to be looking hard at the events it organises and goes to.  It already announced it would no long have a significant presence at CES next year.

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