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AT&T changes Vita data plans

by on23 January 2012

Still might not be enough for some

Well, AT&T has decided to change the data plan offerings for the PlayStation Vita. As most will still be using the WiFi most of the time, the 3G data plans for those on the go are going to offer pricing in the U.S. with AT&T that is rather expensive for what you get, in our opinion.

The new 3G plans announced from AT&T for the Vita will feature 250MB of data for $15 or 3GB of data for $30. (Previously, AT&T had announced a $25 2GB plan.) Depending on how you use your Vita, you may find the costs high.

No word yet if family plans or other discounts apply to the Vita data plans. We also do not know yet how AT&T plans to handle data overages, but we suspect that they will charge for them as usual; but according to one of our sources, they might offer an option block that turns the data off when you hit the limit.

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