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XFX fights Nvidia with video

by on19 January 2012

Intel geats a beating, too

I am sure that there are quite a few Beastie Boys fans among our readers, so some of you had to see the legendary band’s Intergalactic video. This iconic video, layered with corny, over the top sci-fi effects, might have something to do with XFX, and it seems to have inspired the company’s latest promotional video.

The underground video that is a mixture of Power Rangers and intergalactic. Nvidia is depicted like the intergalactic green beast, or Envicious. Meanwhile Intel is represented by Ntellector, a blue villain that looks like a Wookie with a very bad hair day.  The good guys, inspired by Power Rangers, are there to promote the virtues of XFX Radeon cards. SPOILER ALERT: The fat guy saves the day. [Don’t we always. Ed]

Graphics enthusiasts might find it fun to watch and we are sure that it will get Nvidia and Intel’s attention. Basically the point is that you should go after XFX Radeons as they are better than anything that Intel and Nvidia have to offer.

We won’t get involved and we do not want to judge in this case, so check it out yourself.

Last modified on 19 January 2012
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