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ARM will hit servers soon

by on19 January 2012

East moves onto Intel's turf

After years of giving Chipzilla a good kicking on mobile, ARM says it is now ready to push into Intel's server turf. CEO Warren East wants a serious impact on the server market starting in 2014 when its 64-bit processor design hits the shops.

So far we have seen server makers have announced experimental systems with low-power ARM processors, which is a big confidence booster for the company. But East said it will be a few more years until it has the tools and processor architecture in place to make significant inroads in that market, East said.

He said that when ARM started chasing the server market in 2008 he realised that it would take six years.  Which is the same length of time that a spaceship traveling at the just below the speed of light would take to get to the new exo-planet Gliese 581g .

To push its way into severs ARM has to take on Intel and AMD. ARM's current processors are only 32-bit versus 64-bit for x86, which East acknowledged was a disadvantage, especially with servers.

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