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Virgin media has another blackout

by on19 January 2012

Nothing to do with SOPA protests

UK ISP Virgin Media has had another embarrissing blackout just after it announced that it would be doubling many of its customers speeds.

According to the BBC Virgin has confirmed that a percentage of Virgin Media customers were on the receiving end of a technical fault which saw a huge blackout of the service from 5-8pm that evening. Give that all this happened a few days after Virgin announced a huge upgrade that would see customers have their speeds double the outage could have been seen that the doubling of speeds might have caused the network to go tits up.

Virgin issuing a statement on Twitter to try and alleviate any concerns saying that investigations were underway and it hoped to have service running soon. Virgin later claimed that the problem was caused by a 'routing hardware fault' however were unable to confirm how many people were affected by the outage.

The outfit will continue to push its upgrade of the service which will see speeds reach as high as 120Mb by 2013.

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