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New AnyDVD removes BD+ protection

by on21 March 2008


Increases compatibility with Fox titles

Those cool cats at SlySoft have done it again! This time they have released version of their AnyDVD software that is able to strip off the BD+ protection off of Blu-ray titles. In addition to the ability to remove the BD+ protection, the latest version is also able to increase compatibility of titles released by Twentieth Century Fox.

SlySoft has been hard at work on fixes to the AnyDVD software. With the format war over, they are able to focus on just Blu-ray, which has obviously helped them to put the time in to increase the effectiveness of their software at protection removal of the latest Blu-ray titles, in addition to fixing some nagging problems with some older titles, as well.

For all of the crowing from the Blu-ray camp about how good and uncrackable their BD+ copy protection is, it would appear that breaching it just takes time and some skill. Of course, the BD+ copy protection is adaptable and they have the ability to close holes as they are found and deploy updated versions of BD+ to address breaches of the copy protection scheme.

Last modified on 21 March 2008
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