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Nvidia Kepler schedule revealed

by on16 January 2012

A quarter behind AMD

We are still missing a lot of details, but according to the current schedule it looks like GK110, Nvidia’s Kepler high end card, which should up with the Geforce GT 680 brand comes in April.

A chip called GK107, a much slower version of the same 28nm core, will show up in May, while the sexy performance market sweet spot part codenamed GK106 is planned for June. We still have no info when the most affordable part of this gang, codenamed GK108, comes to market.

Mobile parts should follow a different launch dynamic and we expect more than just one card in April. It looks like Nvidia wants to make a name in desktop with high-end parts and that mobile GPUs will have a much wider spectrum, simply because Nvidia has some 300+ design wins in the mobile segment and that they can make nice money off it.

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