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GSC seeks funding to continue

by on13 January 2012

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STALKER 2 development continues

GSC Game World is seeking funding to continue, according to Oleg Yavorsky. In the meantime, development of STALKER 2 continues. According to Yavorsky via Facebook, GSC is seeking the funding to support STALKER 2 and they are hopeful that things turn out well eventually.

This is a quite a reversal from how bleak things looked for GSC back in December, when it looked then that the studio would be shut down and the development of STALKER 2 would end. At least for the moment, the STALKER team is happy to be working, but this does not solve the financial situation that GSC is in while they look for additional funding.

It is really a game of wait and see, according to sources we spoke with. In the meantime, the best news is that development continues.

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