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Imagination releases new PowerVR GPUs

by on12 January 2012

6-series brings DX11.1, loads of performance

Mobile graphics specialists Imagination Technologies have unveiled their next generation GPU architecture, codenamed Rogue.

The new 6-series PowerVR parts feature the latest APIs, including Open CL1.x, Open GL ES, Open GL 3.x/4.x and DirectX 10 across the range, while some high end parts should even feature DirectX 11.1 support.

In terms of raw performance, the new architecture should deliver a 20-fold increase over current mobile GPUs, with five times the efficiency. The first cores to appear will be the G6200 and G6400, featuring two and four clusters respectively, but there are no performance projections for these parts yet.

Current 5-series PowerVR graphics are used on a wide array of devices, ranging from Apple’s iGear to Google’s latest Nexus Galaxy phone and some Intel Atom parts. Imagination Technologies has already struck a deal with Texas Instruments, ST Ericsson, Renesas and MediaTek to license 6-series parts.

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