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Intel does deal with Plessey

by on11 January 2012

Sensors are the new black

Intel has signed a deal with Plessey Semiconductor which will get its products into the lucrative new field of sensors.

Plessey was the first licensee of the ARM-processor in 1992 so it looks like the deal signed with Chipzilla is a fairly big conversion. Plessey was formed in 1957 and makes shedloads of chips for radios and motion-sensing. Apple used Plessey’s wireless LAN chipset to develop a Wi-Fi system in 1994 although it does not now.

The key to Intel's interest appears to be Plessey’s EPIC line of semiconductors. Plessey thinks that they can do anything including EKG monitoring and motion detection inside toys. Intel has taken some warrants in Plessey which means that it will buy a financial security at a set price later in return for some shares.

Plessey will be licensed to manufacture, sell and support a select number of products in Intel’s digital tuner portfolio.

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