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Claimed PS4 specs to be more than next Xbox

by on09 January 2012

Sources claim it will launch months after next Xbox

Over the weekend a number of sources have reported that the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 is shaping up to be more powerful than the next Xbox that Microsoft is working on. If one believes idle chit chat, it is now believed that Microsoft will once again get the jump on Sony and ship their next generation console first, with Sony following with the PlayStation 4 several months later.

It is now anticipated that both Microsoft as well as Sony will show their next generation consoles in June at E3. Still, despite conflicting reports from a number of sources, some believe that Microsoft and Sony will both be talking at the next-generation console at CES in Las Vegas this week behind closed doors; but a public product showing seems doubtful. The E3 showing is expected to be an effort to spoil Nintendo’s launch of the Wii U.

While the specifics of the hardware for the PS4 are not known yet, sources now believe that the Microsoft Xbox Next will focus on utility and innovation that could see the console add DVR-like functionality (for example), as well as deeper Kinect support with the included Kinect 2.0 device right out of the box. It is believed that the Xbox Next will again be powered by a more powerful and efficient IBM PowerPC chip.

Sources also continue to say that in a strange twist of fate, all three consoles (the Wii U, Xbox Next, and PS4) will be powered by AMD graphics this time around. If true, this could be a rather interesting development.

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