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Saudi hacker takes on Israeli credit card company

by on06 January 2012

Published credit card details online

A Saudi-based computer hacker published details of thousands of active Israeli credit cards for the second time this week.

The chief executive of Israel's largest card company,  Isracard, Dov Kotler said that 5,200 of the credit card numbers listed by the hacker had been issued by his company. They had all now been blocked.

Dubbed OxOmar, the hacker is a member of a Saudi Arabian hacking team, and has published the numbers of 11,000 credit cards. He has also taken down several websites. It was the second such cyber attack since Tuesday, when the same hacker leaked the numbers of another 14,000 Israeli credit card numbers he had stolen.

The Bank of Israel has said that it was not particularly impressed and was looking into the hacking.

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