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Trollish domain name up for auction

by on28 December 2011

Righthaven, not Apple

Copyright trolling firm Righthaven's domain name went up for auction as the outfit failed to pay up to satisfy court judgements.

The move is deeply ironic given that one of Righthaven's major threats was that it would take people's websites off them for breaching their client's copyrights. The auction for is taking place at Snapnames and will remain open through 3:15pm EST on January 6, 2012. At the moment there are six bidders and the current bid is $1,250. We don't know who would want it as it is a bit like owning only without the canine appeal.

Righthaven was doing so well when it started. It sued thousands of suspected copyright "infringers," who happened to use news quotes in accordance to the “fair use” aspects of copyright law. It even took Ars Technica to court and wished it hadn't. The outfit suffered a few legal setbacks started to lose most of its cases. Last week the Randazza Legal Group had to ask a US Marshal to drag Righthaven's officers into court in order to explain why they hadn't yet complied with a court order to turn over their assets in order to pay legal bills.

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