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GPL case settled

by on18 March 2008


Verizon pays up

A settlement
has been reached in a landmark case which saw Verizon hauled into court for breaching the GPL.

Developers Erick Andersen and Rob Landley claimed Verizon's broadband service violated the terms of the widely used open source agreement under which their product was licensed. It is not clear how much money has changed hands, but Verizon also has to appoint an internal officer to ensure that it's in compliance with licenses governing the open source software it uses.

At the heart of the row were wireless routers supplied to Verizon by its subsiduary, Actiontec, for its FiOS broadband service. Under the bonnet was an open source program called BusyBox. Verizon didn't make the source code in the routers' software available to users.
Last modified on 18 March 2008
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