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AMD preps Bulldozer-based Phenoms

by on26 December 2011

Quad to eight-core, 95W to 125W

AMD rolled out its first Bulldozer-based FX-series desktop processors a few months ago, but the new chips failed to impress AMD enthusiasts, who were expecting quite a bit more from the all-new architecture.

However, AMD will use the new architecture in mid-range and entry-level chips in 2012, namely in the Piledriver core of Trinity APUs. Although there has been much talk about Trinity/Piledriver, little has been said about next generation Phenoms, which will use a similar Bulldozer-derived core.

Well, according to some fresh leaks, AMD plans to introduce a wide range of Bulldozer based Phenoms, including quad-, six- and eight-core chips. All will feature unlocked multipliers and depending on the clocks and number of cores, they will be available in 95W and 125W flavours. Clocks range from 2.5GHz to 3.2GHz and like their FX siblings, flagship models will feature 8MB of cache.

Interestingly, the new AM3+ Phenoms will retain a similar branding scheme to their 45nm predecessors, for example AMD Phenom II X8. AMD won’t go for Phenom III branding and oddly, the new chips will be unlocked, just like the high-end FX series.

One thing is certain though. AMD is destined to match Intel in terms of nonsensical branding.

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