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Democrats cyber squat presidential hopeful

by on23 December 2011

All your are belong to us

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich appears to have dropped the ball when it comes to Internet campaigning.

While Democratic President Obama won the last election thanks to his Internet campaigning [And promising change he could not deliver. Ed], Gingrich has not been thinking that far ahead. The Democrats have bought and plan to use it to “tell the truth” about their rival. A Democratic political action committee called American Bridge 21st Century are being seen as a cautionary tale about the importance of controlling your brand online. now redirects visitors to a rotating gallery of anti-Gingrich destinations, including scandal reminders such as Tiffany and Freddie Mac, a video of Gingrich with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and headlines such as "Gingrich 'Inadvertently' Names Porn Company 'Entrepreneur of The Year' For Stimulating The Economy," and "Gingrich Presidential Campaign Implodes."

Gingrich has an official Web site but the title is not something that his supporters would think of, particularly since many of them think Australia is part of Canada. American Bridge bought "about a month ago, six weeks at the most," spokesman Chris Harris tells me in an email. "We simply saw it was for sale and purchased it." Neither the Gingrich campaign nor anyone associated with it was the previous owner.

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