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Llano shortage might be a thing of the past

by on21 December 2011

New SKUs point to improved yields

The lengthy AMD Llano shortage could be coming to an end, months after the original A6- and A8- series APUs were launched.

Analyst Nathan Brookwood points to the launch of several new variants as s telltale sign of improved production, but it will take some time before we see the effects in the retail market.

"The new parts are basically speed bumps, and I am taking the fact AMD can ship faster versions of A-series chips as an indicator they may be able to improve their availability," he told EE Times.

Brookwood notes that Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs still have the upper hands in terms of sheer CPU performance, but AMD has a clear advantage in integrated graphics. Speaking of next generation chips, he expects Intel won’t meet its 22nm launch schedule, so Trinity and Ivy Bridge parts could launch at roughly the same time.

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