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Google Nexus tablet touted as game changer

by on20 December 2011

Provided it succeeds where all others have failed

Over the weekend Google chairman Eric Schmidt told an Italian newspaper that the company could launch its own tablet “of the highest quality” within six months.

Of course, Schmidt did not go into detail, leaving quite a bit of room for speculation and punters were more than willing to oblige. So far Google had a somewhat mixed track record with its Nexus phones, but over at Fudzilla we tend to like them. We are into the whole vanilla Android idea.

However, we find the whole report a bit odd to say the least. Google used its Nexus phones to promote the latest Android iteration and their launch always coincided with the release of major Android versions, e.g. Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus respectively. Meanwhile it didn’t bother with tablets when it launched Honeycomb, or ICS for that matter, so we find it somewhat hard to believe that it will launch a tablet months after ICS hits the market.

If Google really does decide to go ahead with its own tablet design, it would probably have to do a lot to differentiate it from the rest of the Android tablet crowd. However, this won’t be easy, at least not in the six-month timeframe. Next generation 28nm quad-core chips suitable for the tablet won’t be around, and Google is unlikely to turn to Nvidia’s Tegra 3. High resolution tablet screens might be available in six months, but we wouldn’t bet on it, either. Finally, Google won’t have a new major Android upgrade in the next few months, as ICS is just rolling out.

So, although the prospect of a high-end Nexus tablet sounds tempting, a grain of salt is advised to say the least.

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