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PC manufacturers not interested in tablets

by on16 December 2011

Let Apple have them all

Manufactures are slowly killing off their plans to make tablets having come to the conclusion that they are just another Apple based fad like the iPod.

Only Amazon and Samsung have managed to do anything really interesting with Tablets and all the rest have proved to be a waste of production. Tablets have killed off the mini-notebook segment and traditional laptop sales are currently being strained by worldwide economic turmoil and supply shortages stemming from recent flooding in Thailand.

According to DigiTimes the notebook industry is in for a rapid upturn next year as manufacturers wade into to Ultrabooks. PC makers are reportedly enthusiastic about Intel's thin-and-light initiative, not least because Ultrabooks offer greater profitability than standard mobile machines. What has stopped them making shedloads of cash on them so far has been high prices, but apparently that is set to end next year with loads of them out there for less than $1,000.

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