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User generated video shunned by advertisers

by on17 March 2008


Too conservative

the fact that user generated video is proving pretty popular, advertisers are staying away from the concept in droves.

Apparently, the problem is that while advertisers see that they could reach a lot of people quite cheaply, they are terrified that their ads could end up connected with clips that have nudity, foul language and result in criticism of their brand.

Jayant Kadambi, Chief Executive for YuMe, told AP that the problem was a holdover from the TV days when if someone ran a TV show that the general audience didn't like, the advertiser got yelled at.

Jeremy Allaire, Chief Executive of ideo distributor, Brightcove, said national brands are incredibly conservative. They historically want to associate their brand with content they view as high-quality, trustworthy and appropriate to the kind of product they are trying to sell.

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Last modified on 17 March 2008
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