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Iran shuts down US virtual embassy

by on08 December 2011

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

Iranian authorities have blocked access to the US virtual embassy, which was opened yesterday. It took just 12 hours to block the site, which makes us wonder why the State Department even bothered in the first place.

The virtual embassy was set up to help Iranian citizens who happen to have any business with the US, since the US Embassy in Tehran was closed after the hostage crisis of 1979. The URL now merely directs to a government site which warns that the imperialist US site was “against the law.”

However, the State Department says it anticipated the move and believes it will be able to get the site back up. Iran already censors thousands of sites, including pornographic sites and western media outlets such as CNN, which is no surprise since politics are nothing but porn starring ugly people anyway.

Tech savvy Iranians usually find ways to bypass government censorship, but it seems some of them simply don’t believe the virtual embassy is worth the bother. One nanotech student complained that the site did not allow Iranians to apply for visas and that it was a merely a propaganda tool, telling visitors about US culture.

“We can see that on the satellite channels,” he said.

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