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Nvidia refreshes mobile GPU lineup

by on07 December 2011


When we say refresh, we mean rebrand

Nvidia rolled out a few new 6xx series mobile GPUs on Tuesday, but frankly there is not much to talk about. The GT 635M, GT630M and 610M are merely revamped 5xx series parts, basically a low-end stopgap until 28nm parts come online.

Even the clocks remained unchanged, so we are basically looking at GF106/108 and GF119 cores. The GT 635M is basically a GT 555M with a new sticker, the GT630 is the GT 540M, while the 520MX is now 610M.

The designations seem to indicate that Nvidia is leaving room for future 645 or 655 parts, probably based on new 28nm cores. There is still no word on any upcoming high-end models.

Last modified on 07 December 2011
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