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Mythbusters shoots cannonball into California home

by on07 December 2011

Real estate crash

Discovery Channel show Mythbusters experienced a "shooting" mishap today while filming at one of their northern California locations.  A cannonball that was fired during filming the show blasted through a local residence in Dublin, California while its occupants were asleep, and then proceeded to smash through the window of a minivan parked a few hundred feet away.

The cannonball when fired was supposed to pass through water-filled barrels and a concrete wall, but instead passed over the barrels, through the wall, and then took a "very unfortunate bounce" that sent the ball skyward.  It travelled several hundred yards, bouncing in front of a home, then tore upward through the home's front door and out midway up the back wall of the two-story house. Onlookers could see daylight could be seen through a round, cantaloupe-sized hole from inside the house and out onto a nearby road.  The cannonball then bounced at least once more, crossing a four-lane road, before smashing into a parked van and coming to a stop.

The production company, Beyond Productions, which produces the television show issued a statement through their publicist Katherine Nelson late Tuesday stating that they are "currently assessing the situation and working with those whose property was affected."

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