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Apple to build another data center?

by on05 December 2011

Could be a new facility in Prineville, Oregon

Might Apple choose to join the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon who already have data centers in Oregon? Rumors suggest that Apple sent representatives to tour Facebook’s new Prineville data center facility this past summer while the company considered the possibility of building a new facility in Prineville, Oregon.

Apple is said to be considering a site about a quarter of a mile from the new Facebook data center where their latest server farm is located. Oregon has become quite a hot spot for data center/server farms due to Oregon’s mild climate, low power costs, and excellent tax breaks. Oregon knows that they have a good thing going, and they continue to work on attracting more companies looking to build data center facilities.

The talk of Apple’s new facility apparently is getting close to resolution, with the sticking point apparently being adequate electricity transmission to Prineville to meet Apple’s requirements. Power has been an issue, but a window has opened after two other potential data center customers apparently opted to build elsewhere. The Bonneville Power Administration (at the state’s urging) is apparently upgrading their Ponderosa Substation in Crook Country to meet the demand, and it will be apparently completed in June of 2013, which is a year ahead of schedule.

The option to purchase the land for the data center expires at the end of the month, so a decision is coming soon. While Apple has not asked for an extension of its option, it is known with the introduction of its iCloud service that expansion is likely. A decision is expected before the end of the month; and apparently many feel it has an excellent chance of happening.

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