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BF3 voice chat not working on PS3?

by on01 December 2011

Owners very frustrated over the issue

Many PlayStation 3 users continue to complain about the voice chat not working in Battlefield 3. With the voice chat being such an important part of the Battlefield 3 experience, it is understandable that PS3 players are becoming frustrated that the issue with the voice chat being choppy or even cut off has not been addressed, even in the just-released patch.

According to whispers that we hear, although the voice chat feature works in the previous Battlefield: Bad Company 2 release for the PS3, the problem seems to be related to a PS3 internet connection issue and the PlayStation 3 hardware that is a Sony issue; and it has nothing to do with the Battlefield 3 game.

While a new update for Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3 was just released, fixes to the voice chat were not among the items that were a part of this patch. Xbox 360 users will be getting the patch in the next few days and the PC version of the patch is already out.

While it is obvious that both DICE and Electronic Arts are aware of the issue, it does not seem that a fix for the voice chat issue is in the cards at the moment. While recommended fixes to open ports have been among the suggested fixes for the issues with the VoIP support on the PS3, this does not seem to resolve the issue. There is no official word yet from DICE or EA whether they will be doing anything else to address the voice chat problem; however, if the problem really is a Sony issue, then the company may have its hands tied.

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