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Mobile Cedar Trail coming in December

by on30 November 2011

Desktop D2550 in 2012

As were reported last week, Intel has already delayed Cedar Trail chips from late Q3, or September, to November and now it seems they will appear in December.

Although the delay was initially thought to be the result of graphics driver issues, industry sources are now telling Digitimes that the launch was delayed largely due to slow demand for netbooks. We also pointed to this fact in our recent review of Sapphire’s low-end Brazos board.

So, we should see N2800 and N2600 processors by the end of the year, but what about desktop versions? CPU World claims Intel is planning to introduce a new desktop part, designated D2550, in the first quarter of 2012. The new chip sits somewhere in between the D2500 and D2700 Cedar View D parts and it runs at 1.86GHz. It sounds like an updated version of the D2500, but bear in mind that we have yet to see D2500 and D2700 parts in retail.

Both were paper launched in late September, but they never actually materialized, although a few announcements were made here and there. The real question is whether Intel will introduce any desktop chips by the end of the year. If it does not, what will happen to the D2550 and other updated chips, which could appear just weeks after the first ones show up, making them rather pointless or forcing Intel to cut prices.

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