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Asus Prime available for preorder

by on23 November 2011

32GB for $499, 64GB for $100 more

Asus Prime is available for preorders both the US and Europe. As of yesterday you can go here, and preorder one if you happen to live in the land of the free.

We’ve been told off the record that the US and Canada will get this tablet first, but the EU should not be that far behind. The 32GB version without a keyboard sells for $499 while 64GB version sells for $599, but strangely enough there are no keyboard bundle deals. For North America, the keyboard sells separately for $149 and gives you additional 6 hours battery life as well as SD slot and USB.

In German Amazon, a 32GB Prime with keyboard dock in grey or gold sells for €599 and this is also the price of this tablet with 64GB and keyboard dock. We could not find the price of 32GB without a dock at this time. Shipping time is unknown and it should happen in week or two according to our sources. You should have good chances to get it before Xmas, at least in USA.

This might be the fastest tablet around for the next few months, but we are not sure if it’s also the fastest Android gaming platform, but its scalable five-core design should at least provide you with some decent battery life.

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