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Fix for setup bug wipes leaderboards

by on22 November 2011

Major F1 2011 patch arrives, starting today

A fix for the Codemaster’s F1 2011 will start arriving today. The patch includes a laundry list of fixes, tweaks and enhancements. The one that got the most attention, however, is the news that in addition to the fixes, tweaks, and enhancements, the patch for the set-up bug has required the developer to wipe all of the online leaderboards for both the time trial and time attack online modes. The wipe is scheduled for some point next week.

Among the improvements is a connectivity rating indicator that shows the online connectivity rating for users within the lobby. Network bandwidth is managed better, allowing for more bandwidth to be devoted to the game and critical game systems. Users with low bandwidth performance could see their voice chat restricted, but in the end it will be a much better multiplayer experience.

Multiple tweaks have been made to the AI in the game that makes the game much more realistic, and the AI behavior much more reasonable, if you will. The AI will no longer run on Intermediate tires on what seems like forever, and AI cars will no longer run unrealistic speeds in the wet; AI cars will no longer pit so much during dry online races. AI has been tuned for better and more realistic performance on some circuits. AI Malaysia slow sector 1 times has been addressed and fixed.

All of the platforms have received a number of graphics tweaks and improvements. The Xbox 360 and PC versions have been tweaked to increase frame rate, while at the same time reduce stutter. The PlayStation 3 version has been tweaked to improve frame rate performance. A number of specific graphics issues that were reported by the community have been fixed.

The patch arrives starting today and will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game. The patch represents the largest overhaul to the game since its release, and those who are fans should enjoy the improvements. Those who have put the game down in frustration should revisit it and give it another try, as the improvements enhance the playability and enjoyment of the game.

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