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OCZ's brain mouse goes online

by on12 March 2008


Sort of available in Europe


OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator, or NIA in short, or as we like to call it "the brain mouse" is finally available in Europe. Well, sort of at least, since e-tailers have it in on order, but it states that you could wait for longer than four weeks to get it. The good thing is that we can now confirm the €149 price tag.

German e-tailer K&M Elektronik has it listed for €149,92 and as mentioned it could take more than four weeks to get one if you place an order now. OCZ's NIA should start appearing at other retail/etail stores, and the price might drop even further. The €149,92 price is still too much, but as we mentioned before, it has to start somewhere.

You can find the K&M Elektronik web site here. The bundle includes the NIA, the NIA sensor-band, a manual and software for calibrating the NIA, and of course a USB cable.

Last modified on 13 March 2008
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