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Android malware becomes major source of concern

by on17 November 2011

Up 472% in just four months

According to a new study by Juniper, Android malware is becoming a serious concern at an alarming pace.

The number of trojans, viruses and other pests has jumped 472 percent since July. Worse, the trend seems to be accelerating and most of the malware appeared in the last two months.

Juniper notes that malware growth is out of proportion of Android’s market share gains and it seems to be a result of Google’s liberal policies towards app developers. In addition, Google and phone makers are failing to deliver timely updates for many phones. The result? A staggering 90 percent of all Android phones run out of date OS versions, leaving the door open to malware.

Juniper’s advice to Android users is to grab some antivirus software, as Google is clearly losing the malware battle. It might be a time for Google to revise its update and app screening policies if it is to prevent Android from turning into a smartphone version of Typhoid Mary.

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