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Open source Android 4.0.1 is out

by on15 November 2011

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Free Ice Cream Sandwich for everyone

As of late last night EU time or the end of the working day on the American western seaboard, Google has decided to reveal and release Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It can be downloaded but be aware that it is quite a large package. The most important aspect of the release is that many modders can now start working on the unofficial ROMs for many phones and we have our fingers crossed that in a few weeks, if not earlier we can see first ports on some popular Android phones that many of our readers have in their pockets.

The same Android build will be shipping with Galaxy Nexus when it comes out in a week or so. Now you can only wonder who will be the first to have a working mod, or a boot in ICS on some existing phones.

Nexus S should have quite good chances, but you never know. If you remember, Honeycomb Android 3.x never made to open source as Google was afraid that developers will try to use the code and do something with it in mobile market, or misuse Honeycomb. They got a lot of heat for its „you cannot get the open source code“ approach and have now released ICS much faster than anyone expected, even before the first actual phone shipped.

You can find it here.

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