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G Archiver harvests passwords

by on12 March 2008


What are you doing, John Terry?

G Archiver product seems to be sending user names and passwords to the personal email box of a bloke called John Terry.

According to a Coding Horror, John Terry, the apparent creator, hard coded his user name and password to his gmail account in source code. Everytime a user adds their account to the program to back up their data, it sends an e-mail with their user name and password to his personal e-mail box.

Since the hacker knew John Terry's details he could get into his gmail account. Inside were 1,777 e-mails with account information for everyone who had ever used the software, and right at the top was mine. He also contacted Google to erase this account.

It all seems to have been a terrible mistake.
Last modified on 12 March 2008
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