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Roll to roll OLEDs demonstrated

by on12 March 2008


Next big thing

GE Global Research
, which is part of General Electric, has demonstrated what it thinks is the first roll-to-roll manufactured organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting device.

It could be a key step toward making OLEDs and other high-performance organic electronics products at dramatically lower costs.

OLEDs are thin, organic materials sandwiched between two electrodes, which illuminate when an electrical charge is applied. They could be the next evolution in lighting products because they can be made using a newspaper-printing like roll-to-roll process.

Anil Duggal, Manager of GE’s Advanced Technology Program in Organic Electronics, said that now the company has shown that it is possible. Commercial applications in lighting require low manufacturing costs, and this demonstration is a major milestone on the way to developing low-cost OLED lighting devices.
Last modified on 12 March 2008
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