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Brits regret buying an iPad

by on10 November 2011

Most users only turn it on once a week

Apple's keyboardless netbook, the iPad appears to have its fruity buyers in Blighty confused. Following orders from Apple, they bought it expecting that it would fulfil all their computing needs, that it would change their lives and cure cancer. However nearly a quarter of them never turn it on and it sits around the house gathering dust, according to a new survey.

The study, conducted by, polled a total of 1,531 iPad owners from across the UK, in order to try and find out more about Britons’ technology usage and habits. Over a quarter of iPad users only use their devices once a week and less than half of owners, 42 per cent, say that they use it ‘every day’. It is starting to look like Brits aren’t as impressed with the iPad as was initially thought. One in ten say they turn it on ‘less than once a week’.

Most of the non-users said they were too busy to play with their tablett, and a fifth said they don't need it and really did not know why they bought it. More than half claimed that the iPad was a complete waste of cash and a fifth were thinking of flogging it because it was so completely pointless. More than 14 per cent of those polled said that they had been given their iPad as a gift and so hadn’t had much need for it in the first place. The majority, 55%, of those that said they used their iPad ‘less than once a week’ said they were put off by the fact it wasn’t 3G enabled and, as such, they were dependent on Wi-Fi signal.

So much for the revolution in mobile computing.

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