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More juicy AMD Trinity details emerge

by on10 November 2011

Up to 3.8GHz, over 4GHz with Turbo Core

A set of leaked AMD slides sheds some new light on upcoming Trinity APUs, including some rather impressive clocks, both in the CPU and GPU department.

Trinity is based on AMD’s new Bulldozer architecture, or Piledriver core to be precise, and it seems the new silicon is pretty forthcoming when it comes to high clocks. Slides indicate that Trinity clocks will range from 2.2GHz to a rather high 3.8GHz. What’s more, with Turbo Core the fastest variants will hit 4GHz and 4.1GHz. Bear in mind that these are engineering samples, so clocks in final production versions could be a bit different.

Graphics clocks are equally impressive. Even the slowest 2.2GHz Trinity features a 600MHz GPU. For comparison, the Llano flagship A8-3800 features 600MHz graphics. Trinity takes things a step further and the fastest models have 711MHz and 709MHz graphics. The higher clocks are only part of the story. Trinity is said to utilize the VLIW4 graphics architecture, based on AMD’s HD 6000 series GPUs, so clock-per-clock performance should also be better.

There’s been much speculation about Trinity’s performance versus current Llano parts, as FX-series Bulldozer parts delivered underwhelming results compared to ancient Thuban CPUs. However, depending on who you ask, Trinity should be 20 to 30 percent faster than Llano in terms of CPU performance, while graphics performance see a 30 percent boost over current Llano GPUs. TDPs remain largely unchanged, most parts are rated at 65W and 100W, but some high-end versions will have a pretty high 125W TDP.

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