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Transformer 2 launch Nov 9, shipping later

by on07 November 2011


iPad 2 battery life, better for movies

Don’t kill the messenger, but we have some sad news for tablet lovers not based in US. Asus wants to make the new quad-core Transformer Prime, Transformer 2 tablet a US priority product. 

Since the US market cares about tablets a bit more than the old continent, they will get the new Tegra 3 tablet first. The EU, Australia and probably even Asia will get this product at later date, but this will depend from country to country.

We heard from multiple sources that the launch date set for November 9th is in fact the US launch, but the availability of the product in retail is only expected „a few weeks after“. Asus plays things like Apple and a few insiders were always telling us that Asus always admired Apple and wanted to get as close as possible to all of its tactics and design ideology.

Asus is very late with this product and we remember Nvidia executives proudly announcing Kal El hardware retail availability in August, and almost three months later, Asus is still struggling to bring anything to market.

The good news is that US readers who get one can expect Honeycomb with a promise of upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich down the road, battery life comparable to iPad 2, so 10 to 11 hours of WiFi browsing and messing around but it should have much better battery life for watching videos.

In games it will run faster than any other Android tablet on the market, if that’s of anyone’s concern.

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