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Rumors point at demise of CD

by on07 November 2011

y disc

Labels may drop it in 2012

Many web portals appear to have caught on to an article claiming that CDs are coming to an end, as major labels allegedly plan to abandon the format by end of 2012.

The article claims that CDs will be mostly dropped but used for some limited editions and such. The labels however aren’t interested in commenting the allegations.

Although it may seem logical at a glance, we somehow doubt the story holds water. While streaming media and other online download methods may seem as viable options, most audiophiles, not to mention the music recording industry, would disagree.

Furthermore, the CD is yet to be succeeded by higher fidelity format that will match its widespread use. While there are some higher quality standards available at the moment, neither of them gained such mainstream adoption, be it due to size, device requirements or other reasons.

Last modified on 07 November 2011
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