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Finnish Trials HD developer acquired

by on03 November 2011

RedLynx purchased by publisher Ubisoft

RedLynx, the developer of the popular Trails HD motorcycle puzzle series, has been acquired. The Finnish developer with another 2 million downloads sold on Xbox Live Arcade will become part of publisher Ubisoft’s family.

While RedLynx is best known for Trails HD, the studio has also released several iOS titles including 1000 Heroz and DrawRacer2. The studio has also done a WiiWare title called MotoHeroz. Currently, RedLynx is working on the sequel to Trails HD, which is called Trails Evolution; it will be released when it is finished and will still be published by Microsoft despite the new Ubisoft deal.

Ubisoft cited the strong DLC experience and the very well known and popular digital brands of RedLynx as reasons the company was attractive to the French publisher. With the purchase of RedLynx by Ubisoft it is expected that the studio will be able to expand and to develop additional titles.

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