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Optimus 2X gets Gingerbread today

by on01 November 2011

3D and Black later in November, open

LG is not a key brand in the mobile phone business and when it comes to updates, you will definitely get a few gray hairs before you actually see them coming.

The company’s first dual-core phone, LG Optimus 2X was supposed to get Gingerbread Android 2.3 back in the summer and now according to LG Facebook page it comes out today, November 1st.

The owners of this phone were lucky enough support from Cyanogen mod team and most of them had Android 2.3.7 for a few months now.

LG Optimus 3D owners should be getting ginger love in the week of November 21st, at least for open models in Europe, while the LG Optimus Black gets Android 2.3 in the week of November 28th.

One comment at LG’s Facebook page has caught our eye. Johan Sjöblom writes: “They better give Optimus ICS really damn fast to repair the damage they made with this awfully late update, or I will never buy LG again. The support seems to be lacking strongly!” This seems to echo the sentiment of many users.

Since there is an ongoing rumour that Optimus 2X will never get official Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 support, I am sure that many people will find it hard to choose an LG high-end phone again.

More via Android Central here.


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