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China nicks Flash game

by on10 March 2008


So much for Olympic promises

While Chinese officials have been pledging a crack down on counterfeiting during the Olympic games they do not seem to have included the games' Website.

One of the Flash games being featured on the Fun Page of The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is called ‘Fuwa Fight the Winter Clouds.’ However, the opening screen of this game looks strangely similar to the opening screen of another one called Snow Day.

The game was made by the owner of the Pencil Farm blog who has written to complain. The game has since been taken down. He said, "This is not just a clone of my game. They didn’t see my game and set out to make a similar game. They actually stole my game. The Olympics stole my game."

He said the site downloaded the .swf file from his site, decompiled it, swapped out the little guy for the Fuwa characters, took his name off it and republished it as their own.

Two of the other games on the Olympic site are obvious rip-offs of Ferry Halim’s Original games. Obstacle Race has a remarkable similarity with Ferry’s Arctic Blue, and Leap and Leap is a clumsy copy of Winter Bells. Ironically, the site was created by, the company that last year moaned that Google had plagiarized one if its products.

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