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Android outpaces iOS in app downloads

by on25 October 2011

Birds aren't the only angry thing in Cupertino

Google’s Android is making headway in its fight against Apple’s iOS operating system. Android devices have eclipsed iOS in terms of sales some time ago and now it appears Android is also taking the lead in app downloads.

According to ABI Research, Android accounted for about 44 percent of all app downloads in Q2, while Apple grabbed 31 percent. However, on a per-user basis Apple consumers are still way ahead of the Android crowd, since they download twice as many apps than their Android counterparts.

Of course, the App Store has been around a bit longer and most Android consumers are new to the OS, so it comes as no surprise that Apple users still download more apps.

ABI estimates the total volume of downloaded apps in 2011 will hit 29 billion, a threefold increase over 2010.

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