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NFL Blitz to return

by on20 October 2011

EA to bring it back in January 2012

Hot on the heels of Electronic Arts bringing back the Midway classic NBA Jam, the EA Sports division was so successful with it that the company apparently worked out a deal with Midway IP holder Warner Interactive to bring back NFL Blitz.

While early details are still a bit sketchy, what we do know is that the new NFL Blitz will arrive in January 2012 as a download-only offering for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is said to cost 1,200 Microsoft Points, or $14.99 if you are on PlayStation 3. The new remake of NFL Blitz is being developed by EA Tiburon and it is suspected that the title is using some sort of stripped down version of the Madden engine.

The new NFL Blitz will offer silky smooth 60fps HD graphics with online play and full leaderboard support to track your progress against your friends. The game will include all 32 NFL teams and 31 official stadiums. Of course, the game will offer the boss battles and Elite League modes that the game has become known for.

So, the new version of NFL Blitz will turn around and head back toward the NFL Blitz of old, rather than the last couple of Midway-developed console offerings before the company went under. Actually, this could be a good thing; and might be well received if developed in a way that captures the fun that NFL Blitz always was. We will have to wait till January to get our hands on it to find out.

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