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TI confirms OMAP 4460 is in Nexus Galaxy

by on19 October 2011

"Ice Cream Sandwich runs better on TI OMAP"

Here is some nose rubbing that comes from the usually quite passive Texas Instruments PR team. They were not too happy that Nvidia was the platform of choice for Honeycomb Android 3.x, but they sure are proud to confirm the fact that MAP 4460 is the heart of Galaxy Nexus.

We got word from TI that says it clearly. "Yes, the highly-anticipated Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" release runs on the OMAP4460 processor."

They went on to say that this is mainly due the fact they are better than the competition. They claim "the ability to provide hardware-integrated security, distinctive and advanced imaging features, enhanced memory and
more, all on a smart multicore architecture."

TI's vice president of OMAP platform business, Remi El-Ouazzane continues with something we will break into a separate story. He tells the word that OMAP 4460 is inside Nexus and that they are the first with Android 4.0 phone. It looks like they are the reference even for Ice Cream Sandwich tablets.

"What I may be the most excited by is not only the ability to converge to one Android release for both smartphones and tablets, but to be able to pack that level of performance across graphics or video on an HD screen and within the power envelope of a smartphone device.This is where our OMAP smart multicore architecture makes a huge difference," he said.

Also, He goes after Nvidia with this comment: "At the end of the day, brute force (number of cores, for instance) does not rival sophistication." TI is telling the world that their two core with great video and graphics with great power is just enough. Going after Nvidia's soon to come Tegra 3 with this statement will definitely light some fires.

TI even came up with this cute logo, showing the world who is the man of the house. Step aside Nvidia, there's a new sheriff in town.


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