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Toshiba announces entry into U.S. nuclear power industry

by on07 March 2008

No glow-in-the-dark electronics included

Toshiba issued a statement that it has launched Toshiba America Nuclear Energy, a new U.S. company, with the idea of marketing and promoting advanced boiling-water nuclear power plants and services for the plants. Toshiba has begun construction of the Isogo Nuclear Engineering Center (IEC), a new nuclear power engineering facility that will specialize in testing technology and designs for nuclear plants, in Yokohama, Japan and employ up to 3,000 workers. 

The facility is being built with technology that will reportedly withstand a 6.8 earthquake and have anti-ground liquefaction technology to withstand ground sinking during an earthquake.  However, Japan is known for having quakes much larger on this, occasionally on the 8.0 scale, so we can only wonder how well the facility will fare in that event.

Nuclear power is not well liked in the U.S. or in many other places due to the fact that accidents can have such catastrophic results and the toxic by-products last almost forever. However, some scientists are touting nuclear power as an alternative to traditional power plants that greatly contribute to global warming in the form of greenhouse gases, acid rain, air pollution and a host of other undesirable effects. The Nuclear Energy Institute has indicated that a new nuclear plant may be built in the U.S. by as soon as 2015 using new and safer technology.

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